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Design’s approach

  • Full lineup of staff members who make use of our past design performance to attend to your every need, including the design of experimental and research facilities and equipment, as well as various equipment based on our know-how and the extensive network we have built up as a specialized trading company.
  • Consultation for a wide range of applications from new designs to VA/VE proposals.
  • EC (Electronic Commerce)
  • Global-level procurement and sales starting from Asia (China and South Korea)
  • Assignment of personnel in charge of the survey on contained chemical materials and preparation of a Parameter Sheet.

Design steps to determining the final specifications


Our staff members, who include design professionals, are here to respond to your every need when confirming the specifications, or even from before the specifications have been determined. We carry out these tasks on the basis of a non-disclosure contract.


We use our accumulated know-how to design a strategy, create conceptual illustrations, and finalize the proposal in the shortest time.


We use our network as a trading company and submit optimum cost estimates.


We collaborate with our design, procurement, and manufacturing divisions to optimize customer needs in every detail.


We offer solutions that match our customers’ needs, and we are also able to handle parts procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance, as well as determine the final specifications.


Design Performance

    Design Performance
  • Design, development, and manufacture of tensile testing machines for rubber materials
  • Design, development, and manufacture of durability evaluation machines for rubber materials
  • Design and manufacture to improve handler throughput
  • Design, development, and manufacture to upgrade (change specifications) or reduce costs for older equipment or products.
  • Design and manufacture of sun tracking solar units
  • Design, development, and manufacture of creasers and sealing machines
  • Design and manufacture of various units for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (from prototypes to mass production equipment)
  • Design and manufacture of structures using Bosch aluminum frames
  • Design, development, and manufacture of various labor-saving devices and automated machines
  • Development and manufacture of various testing machines (for laboratories, universities, and graduate schools)
  • Design and manufacture of control units for a range of air-related equipment (drive systems and vacuum systems)
  • Design and manufacture of a range of water-cooled control units

We accept orders for the development of experimental equipment, testing machines, actual products, and even equipment that has been partly developed by customers. Please feel free to contact us about orders for a single unit, small-lot products, or mass production.


Contact the following number for telephone inquiries.

Telephone number for general inquiries: 03-5433-1125 (9:00–17:00 on weekdays)