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Service / Repair and Maintenance

Service’s approach

  • Focusing on preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance or repair to cut back on maintenance costs and reduce the risk of system breakdown as well as down time.
  • Regional bases (Kumamoto and Nagasaki Service Centers and the Sendai Office of Naigai Electronics and offices of partner companies) established to offer rapid-response service nationwide.
  • Extensive experience in maintenance service provision for a wide range of equipment, particularly temperature control equipment, vacuum pumps/valves, and other types of ancillary equipment.
  • Cooperation system built to request technical support from manufacturers in areas where our experience is limited.
  • Maintenance service outsourcing for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related machinery.


Temperature control equipment
Vacuum valves/vacuum pumps
Outsourcing Other equipment

Contact the following number for telephone inquiries.

Telephone number for general inquiries: 03-5433-1125 (9:00–17:00 on weekdays)