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Message from the President

Message from the President Hirokazu Gonda, President and Representative Director

 Since its founding in 1961, Naigai TEC Corporation has continued to contribute to society by providing appropriate products and valuable information to our customers. Over the years, we have dedicated to improve customer satisfaction by expanding the range of our services, from the simple sale of factory automation equipment to the assembly and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing machines by our group companies.

 Today, the environment surrounding Japan is changing dramatically, with customers' needs diversifying as the economy continues to globalize. To satisfy these requirements, we need to continue to correctly predict changes and meet new challenges.
 To this end, Naigai TEC will take full advantage of our group synergy and enhance our four functions (trading, manufacturing, R&D, and maintenance and repair) in order to strive toward our next 50 years as a total supply chain planner (TSP).

 We appreciate your ongoing support for the Naigai TEC Group, which continues to take up challenges for the future.